About us
FFITTECH is a trademark Brand that has been created to satisfy the needs of the fitness industry profissionals and their costumers. We have developed a premium range of cardiovaluscar and strength equipment that is unrivalled in value for money. FFittech is characterized by a unique design combined with a strong component of innovation, where every single detail, has been carefully thought out in order to provide its users with the ultimate workout experience.
To sell fitness equipment and provide solutions that will help our partners achieve the success.
To be recognized as the best gym fitness equipment company and stay ahead of our competitors.
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Confidence
  • Dedication
  • Continuously improve
  • Innovation and Development
Principles of quality
  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Commitment of people
  • Process aproach
  • Improvement
  • Decision-making based on evidence
  • Management of relations
Quality Policy
FFITTECH has defined the quality policy that will guide the Organization in the implementation of our vision, mission and values, assuming the following commitments:

  • Attention to product quality, innovation, and customer service are at the forefront of our efforts;
  • The constant concern with the overall harmony of machinery of gyms with the satisfaction of users and customers;
  • Creating innovative solutions in addition to the needs of our customers, sharing risks and accepting challenges, with a multiple response and timely, in a perspective of social and global responsibility;
  • Be attentive to the optimization of all resources and procedures with a view to ensuring qualified work, integrating innovation towards sustainability;
  • Valuing and empowering our employees, in a process of continuous improvement;
  • Provide personal satisfaction with responsibility, involvement and commitment of the whole team;
  • Looking for the permanent quality and innovation supported by an appropriate market surveillance, scientific, technological, and organizational, in order to continuously improve our processes and ensuring the evolution of the performance of the QMS;
  • Promote partnerships with suppliers, customers and other organizations, providing sustainable business relations, that stand out for their mutual benefit;
  • Commitment to comply with the legal requirements, statutes and regulations applicable to our business.
Customized service contract.
We have preventive maintenance service available to our customers, maintain your Gym from 69.90/month. Inquire with our commercial.
After sales service
Our service department offers:
- Fast delivery of spare parts. We can respond to a break down in a matter of hours.
- Stock of spare parts. In our warehouse we always stock most spare parts for all our equipment.
We offer funding support.


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